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Berthold Zilly

Berthold Zilly, born 1945 in Dannsdorf near Wolfsburg, studied Romanic and German philology in Bonn, Caen, São Paulo, Berlin. Doctorate at the Molière FU Berlin 1976; teaches Latin American studies at the FU 1974-2010, 2004-2010 at the University of Bremen; 1978-80 DAAD-lecturer in Fortaleza, Brazil. Since 2011 he has been a guest lecture for translator studies at the UFSC, Florianópolis. He has several publications about Brazilian and Argentinian literature, with an emphasis on literature history, text analysis-translation. He has translated: “Barbarei und Zivilisation“ from Sar­miento, „Krieg im Sertão“ from E. da Cunha, „Tagebuch des Abschieds“ from Machado de Assis, „Das Brot des Patriarchen“ from Raduan Nassar, among others. He was awarded the Wieland-Translator-Price (1995), Orden Cru­zeiro do Sul (Brazil 2001); Martius-Staden-Award (Brazil 2012).

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