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Christiane Quandt

Christiane Quandt is a specialist in Latin American studies and translator of Spanish, Portuguese and English into German. She translates prose, poetry, scientific texts, non-fiction and is co-publisher of the magazine alba. lateinamerika lesen, the magazine for Latin American literature. She graduated at best student of 2009 from the Universität Mainz’ department of Translations-, Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaft (FTSK). Until 2015, she was research assistant at the Latin American institute of Free University Berlin. She has published several translations, as well articles on literary science, and reviews. Quandt has translated texts of the Brazilian authors Ricardo Lísias and Veronica Stiggerfor, the Austrian Paula Ludwig and the Peruvian author Carmen Ollé for alba. She regularly reviews literary pieces for the online magazine CulturMAG and she is co-publisher of an anthology of contemporary Brazilian literature “Novas Vozes. Zur brasilianischen Literatur im 21. Jahrhundert”. For STADTSPRACHEN she curated the Operation Tetra-Pack on behalf of alba.


Guadalupe Nettel: “Ptosis”, In: Argonautenschiff. Jahrbuch der Anna-Seghers Gesellschaft Berlin und Mainz e.V. 2010. Nr. 19. Aufbau Verlag: Berlin, p. 35-40.

Veronica Stigger: “Die Kiste” in: alba. lateinamerika lesen 07. 2015/I, p. 77-81.

Eduardo Milán: “Perlongher: vom “Neobarroso” und von Leichen” in: alba. lateinamerika lesen 07. 2015/I, p. 51-54.

Claudia Apablaza: “Warum hast du mich gezwungen einen Burger zu essen?” in: alba. lateinamerika lesen 08. 2015/II, p. 115-120.

Elsye Suquilanda (Ecuador): CD-Booklet “Die Wandlung des Aschenputtels vom SPÄTI”. Insges. 12 Gedichte/Liedtexte. 2016.

Ricardo Lísias: “Physiologie der Erinnerung”. In: alba. lateinamerika lesen 09. 2016/I, p. 45-52.

Carmen Ollé: Poems together with Karina Theurer: Die Zeit ist ein Trugbild und Das Nu. in: alba. lateinamerika lesen 09. 2016/I, p. 84-87.

Rómulo Bustos Aguirre: Poems together with Ingrid Hapke. In: alba. lateinamerika lesen 09. 2016/I, p. 32-37.

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