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Denise Pereira

Denise Pereira started writing poetry when she was ten, having been fascinated by words and their musicality since an early age. In 2011, she began publishing her poems online in a blog called Janela Inquieta. She holds a PhD in History of Science and has been singing in choirs since 2012, mainly in the Coro da Universidade de Lisboa. She has been participating regularly in Poetry Slam competitions since 2014, and in 2016, created a music-poetic performance called “Marioneta Inquieta” (The restless puppet), and it performed several times in Lisbon and once in Berlin. She moved to Berlin in August 2016 and has since begun developing a musical-poetic project with her friend and musician Rui Caldeira. This project is called “rui+Marioneta”.

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