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Mathilde Ramadier

Born in 1987 in Southern France. Lives and works in Berlin. Sometimes in Arles. After a first degree as a graphic designer with professional experiences in several agencies and studios, Mathilde Ramadier went on to study philosophy and psychoanalysis at the University Paris 8, then obtaining a Masters Degree in Contemporary Philosophy at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris. For four years, she hosted the weekly radio show on Radio Campus Paris called PoneyClub54, focussing on the electronic music and digital culture. She is currently working as a writer, a scriptwriter and a translator, mostly writing graphic novels and essays while working together with various illustrators, publishers and magazines on ecology and social issues like feminism and labour rights.

Sartre. Biography of Jean-Paul Sartre. Drawings: Anaïs Depommier. Dargaud, France 2015.

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