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Monika Walter

Monika Walter, born in Berlin in 1942, was research assistant at the central institute of literary history of the academy of sciences in the GDR (from 1970) and earned her doctorate on the subject of Spanish studies (Pikareske, Cervantes, Ortega y Gasset) (1974) and habilitated (1984). From 1990-1991 she worked in the center for literary research in Berlin, war from 1991-1993 she was a guest lecturer at the Latin American institute of the FU Berlin, at Romanic institute in Heidelberg and Mainz, and in Hamburg. In 1993 she was appointed as professor of Romanic literature at the institute for Romanic literary sciences at the Technische Universität Berlin. Her latest publication was: „Mit blinden Augen sehen. Wie Spanier und Franzosen ihre Islamgeschichte entdecken“ (en. Seeing blind. How Spaniards and Frenchman discover their Islamic history).

© Georg Krause
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