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Editorial no. 1

stadtsprachen magazin (2017)

Editorial no. 1

Berlin is the city of myriad languages and stories. A literary tension, previously captured by Isherwood and Nabakov, comparable to Kafka’s Prague, Joyce’s Dublin and Pessoa’s Lisbon, haunts the streets of Berlin. For centuries the city has been home to people who speak languages other than German. The multilingual, contemporary Berlin literature, this one-of-a-kind mesh of voices, is now being publicly commended with the literary magazine stadtsprachen. A magazine that captures and celebrates the unique Berlin feeling.

The diverse, vibrant literary scenes of the city aren’t merely presented but furthermore invited to dialogue with one another. It is additionally an attempt to do justice to the perpetually shifting Berlin cityscape: a city, as ambivalent as it is multifaceted, in which languages other than just English and German have always been spoken. A new language is always an entry into another culture, another world.

The art of language(s) is what is central to the premise of the stadtsprachen magazin. The multilingual individuals of the Berlin literary world, who have long enriched Berlin with their prose, poetry, translations and publications will finally find their deserved place in the public spotlight. We see it as our duty and privilege to intertwine the multilingual threads of the swarming Berlin. Literary connections are found and nourished. Berlin gets to know itself. It celebrates its literary diversity. In the stadtsprachen magazin.


Iunona Guruli: „არავის…“

Rasha Abbas: Sag niemals Jobcenter

Steve Mekoudja: Tala Ngai

Kevin Shih-Hung Chen: Three Ways to Get Rid of Allergies

Kenan Khadaj: Es lebe der Krieg

Kinga Tóth: Merkur

Andrej Hočevar: Hast du’n Zwanziger?

Nikola Richter: Transkript Diskussion Global & beta. E-Book-Code Berlin

Thế Dṻng: Die Zeit bleibt gelassen

Elsye Suquilanda: Texaco

Tolgahan Kaftan: U-Bahn

Denise Pereira: Routineuntersuchung

Menekşe Toprak: Julikinder

Érica Zíngano: verlauf/ um ein schild zu beantragen/ gestern/ dienstag, 31 mai 2016

Federico Federici: The pause of the wake

Esther Andradi: 25 Jahre – Symphonie der Großstadt

Dmitri Dragilew: chronische sequenzen der hin-und herrutscherei bad streunen

Elsye Suquilanda: LSD-Kiez

Jùmọké Bọlanle Adéyanju: Mo ti ri

Luísa Nóbrega: kamele unter der sonne

Iunona Guruli: დე, პრესია…

Dario Deserri: Wie Wolken über Berlin

Rafael Mantovani: aufwachlied

Yi Meng Wu: Dinge-Geschichten

Göksu Kunak: Gray

Andrej Hočevar: Cats Know No Hunger 

Menekşe Toprak: Adamin Atin ve Kadinin Masali


Joey Bahlsen & Birger Hoyer
Editorial staff stadtsprachen magazin

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