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On meeting Kaurismäki

16. Januar '18, 13:41 Uhr - Blog - Joey Bahlsen

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A text by Elsye Suquilanda

Creatures of Kaurismäki, on the side of Hope

The Andalusian Chicho dog, on the dining room table, looks with certainty, a halo of light illuminates his face in the facilities of the “Kollektiv Dunckerstraße” in the city of Berlin, while an Amasauna prepares for the polar temperatures of papaya vodka Latin poetry.

It was the year 2013 when Tatyana’s scarf began to shelter us gently, we became a man without a past, as a Leningrad Cowboy who had lived in the United States, lately I have adopted his peculiar style of wearing hair as the members of this troop with Pointy boots. When I came to Europe for the first time I woke up in the port of Le Havre, the Bohemian life; it reminded me that in my house we are four members who have come from different latitudes of the planet, with different histories.

I see a man knitting a large cloak, cooking a supportive soup, letting us know that you cannot live with your eyes closed before a world full of injustices. Natural histories like the one that we live every day; Families, mechanics, factory workers, musicians, bohemians, farmers, writers. Dogs have a small role and great turn, because they connect immensely to the characters of the movie called life, Varpu – Koira (dog Varpu) points us with a kiss that exists on the other side of hope.

Pastel blue colors painted a Berlin sky, December 16, 2016, on a red carmine sofa, leaning on it, was Boo Julian, a loving Andalusian puppy with the appearance of a beach fox, the brother of Maestro Chicho, for whom on his behalf We have created the project Chichoismo (egalitarian love and respect to all living creatures).


I heard my name from the second floor of my home, with great emotion came the news:


– Guess who is nominated for the Golden Bear at the Berlinale 2017?


This time, a great dream, permanent work and consistency would come true …

As a silent film like Juha, I began to transport myself, at great speed, within my emotions and realism that this news caused me.

It was the great director and script writer of Finnish cinema Aki Kaurismäki that would arrive at these German lands. I did not imagine that our meeting would be so soon.

Aki is a person with a tremendously wide heart, with a lot of human warmth, humor, love for animals, full of stories of humility and respect for the less favored people of society. He is not a person who usually goes to presentations of his films, perhaps, because he is not interested in “the glamour” of the big film festivals, or as in the case of his Oscar nomination for the film: “The man without a past”, Kaurismäki said in an interview the he did not accept the award because the day after the nomination, the United States attacked Iraq and also the oil issue. Contrary to the Berlinale festival, of which it was a part, this year the aforementioned festival was dedicated to Mexico, to refugees, not walls, not wars, through art to teach us to love and to be united in a world without frontiers, headed by Dieter Kosslick, the much appreciated director of the festival.


Creatures of Kaurismäki


Why the Finns look so much like the Ecuadorians ?, question born in the highlands of the Andes of Prenzlauerg Berg


We will go back to the year 754

The Finns arrived in South America

Before the Vikings?


The Incas found the white gods

Who lived in “floating houses”

Which they would call “white gods”

By his white complexion and golden hair.


The Chachapoyas man!

Let’s investigate !!!!


With the valves pumping at a thousand per hour,

Words with the same meaning

In Quichua and Finnish:



Ayayai ayayai = pain

Otavalo Ota valo = light of day

Guagua guagua = child

Yucschi suksi = out of here


They celebrate the feast of the sun

Juhannus, like us the Inti Raymi


They have shamans,

The color of their typical costumes,

Typical music and even food!


Aki Kaurismäki / famous Finnish film director


Aki = name in Finnish, in Quichua = man

Kauris = as Tauris = white grain

Mäki in Quichua = hand, without dieresis


To which the sum of all gives:

Aki Kaurismäki

“The man with white hands“


The people of the Sierra as well as the Finns,

They open up like a flower in spring

Drinking a strong drink

We like to drink pure alcohol

We are pure people!


Taken from the book: “Agua de Mono Eau de Toilette Spree”

From Elsye Suquilanda

We packed Chicho and Boo Julian in their blue and mustard pullovers, an impressive sun accompanied us on a winter morning in the German capital. Very early the four immigrants went out to meet our character.

The complicity of cosmic energy was on our side. The poster of Toivon Tuolla Poulen (the other side of Hope) told me yes, the big day had arrived.


The press conference began at 9 am local time, a completely crowded room; photographers, journalists of all nationalities had gathered to attend an epic moment of the festival. There was Aki with his actors Sakari Kuosmanen and Shervan Haji. With his typical humor, full of life, he answered questions of the public, all his comments so human, without fancy words, brought us closer to that Chichoista man by nature. A delight, an air of freshness sneaking into the room, of laughter and truth.



– Do you want to hear a part of a tango solo?

Do you want to hear a part of a Finnish tango?


At that moment Aki asks Sakari Kuosmanen to sing, the actor said, that this is the part he was afraid of at the festival (laughs), and that’s how the audience was captured in a single of the Finnish tango “Siks oon mä suruinen” (That’s why I’m in mourning).


The questions continued. One of them, “What motivated him to make his last film?” To which he replied:


– I see everything that is happening in my country on refugee issues, I just can not let it pass, I can not put a blindfold on my eyes.


Thus the questions, and the sentences that would remain marked in history, or in the hearts of many, continued:

– “Do not forget, that tomorrow you could be a refugee”

– “With my films, I want to change the mentality of Europe and then Asia”


In the Berliner Palast about 2 pm we were in the outskirts, already changed clothes, with one of the small Andalusian dogs, part of the welcome cortege of Aki, who this time would pass by the red carpet, for the respective Photos of the festival, and to greet his audience, came the time of the world premiere of his new film.

The queue to enter was increasing minute by minute. We, full of surreal emotion, we were located to one side of all that sea of ​​people, waiting for Aki. Carriages were coming in, different personalities of the cinema were coming down, they did not seem to matter, time stopped cautiously, gave us wings and incorporated their particles. We headed to an area specially designated for “fans” and photographers, at the entrance we were told that Boo Julian could not enter, how?, If that was the biggest surprise for Aki! … Then we took it easy, It was me who entered, Jasu and Boo stayed outside.

The moment arrived: Aki entered with a group of people, immediately called his attention with a: “Aki, greetings from Ecuador!” In the corner where the photo shoot begins. Immediately he turned his torso and walked to the place where I was, signed a couple of autographs, then approached me, I brought with me a diploma where Chichoism certified that Aki Kaurismäki had been illuminated by the philosophy of four-legged angels “Continue your example of protection and respect for all living creatures”. I thanked him for his magnificent work, I also told him, that they had not let my dog ​​Boo Julian enter, to which Aki commented: – I love dogs, if dogs are not allowed here, I should go, and made the gesture of leaving , then smiled, hugged me. This moment caused a lot of fraternity between the present, when Aki, retired from the place, the reactions of those who were there, were of smiles, of hugs for me, a photo polaroid was given to me, a girl excited about what had happened, had taken it with her camera.

I went out happily to tell the boys, a photographer was following me, excited. Jasu and Boo had found Aki at the entrance, the loving Kaurismäki without a second thought, hugged and kissed the little andalus.

At a ceremony closing the festival on February 18, he was awarded the Silver Bear as best director. A very characteristic performance of his personality: this time he did not go on stage, he did not dance rock and roll, he did not dance tango. The presenters gave the Bear to him in the place where he was with his crew, his immediate reaction was to deliver the trophy to his actors while he made gestures of a bear.

Meanwhile in the news, the world is more concerned with “performance” on nominations day, than with details such as him giving way to a woman in a wheelchair, lovingly embracing people, his wonderful work of years, of that hope, which his last film shares with us through humor and a deep message.

This has only been the beginning of these creatures of Kaurismäki.

And an Amasauna cooking slowly in a pressure cooker about to explode!









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