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Parataxe on the Road

26. Oktober '18, 10:41 Uhr - Blog - Martin Jankowski

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From Nov 9 to 11 we vare invited to visit the PISA BOOK FESTIVAL 2018. On SATURDAY, Nov 10 at 5 pm we will present our program Parataxe EXTRA LARGE together with Maurizio Amendola from CELA Europe in the BOOK CLUB at the Palazzo dei Congressi !

Before or after the fall of the wall – Berlin has always been a hub for international literature. As a melting pot of languages and cultures, the city offers a vivid scene made up of many different styles and discourses around international contemporary literature. Since 2016 PARATAXE  intensively explores the literary scenes of Berlin and asks the following question: What languages does Berlin write in? And how does the Berlin scene influence the international literature of our times?

Project director, writer and poet Martin Jankowski will introduce you to some interesting findings. For the second time he will present two Berlin based authors and their texts at the Pisa Book Festival: The quadrilingual Ukrainian-born author Irina Bondas and the Brasilian-born poet Rafael Mantovani. Both will read from their texts in original languages and Italian translations (composed solely for this occassion) can be read simultaenously on the stage screen. The conversation will take place in English.

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