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Ana Ristović

Ana Ristović was born 1972 in Belgrade, Serbia. She completed a degree in comparative literature at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. Ristović has published nine books of poetry, several of them have been award-winning. She is the recipient of the Hubert Burda Preis (2005) for young European poetry, as well as of Disova nagrada (2014), and Desanka Maksimović (2018), two of the most renowned Serbian awards. Her poem “Round Zero” was chosen by an international jury, curated by The Guardian, as one of the best love poems of the past 50 years. She also translates from the Slovenian; more than 30 books of modern Slovenian prose and poetry have been published with her translations.

Snovidna voda (en. Dreamwater). Poems. Branko Radičević’s prize. Belgrade, 1994

Uže od peska (en. Rope of Sand). Poems. Belgrade, 1997

Zabava za dokone kćeri (en. Party for Lazybones Daughters). Poems. Prize of Branko Miljković, Prize at the Book fair in Igalo Belgrade, 1999

Život na razglednici (en. Life on the postcard). Poems. Belgrade, 2003

Oko nule (en. Round the Zero). Poems. Belgrade, 2006

So dunkel, so hell. Gedichte. Jung und Jung, Salzburg 2007

P.S – Selected Poems. Prize Milica Stojadinovic Srpkinja. Poems. Belgrade, 2009

Meteorski otpad (en. Meteoric Waste). Poems. Belgrade, 2013

Nešto svetli, izabrane pesme (en. Something Bright, Selected poems). Poems. Belgrade, 2015

Čistina (en. The Opening). Poems. Belgrade, 2015

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