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Ani Menua

Ani Menua was born in Yerevan in 1983. In 1997 she emigrated to Germany. In 2011 Ani Menua completed her studies of Philosophy, Comparative Literature and Slavistics at Johannes Gutenberg University with a Master of Arts Degree. Her translation of the Old Armenian commentary on Aristotle’s Analytica, which is the first German translation, was published 2018 at Logos Verlag Berlin. Together with Helena Melikov she published the poetry and prose volume LOST AND FOUND. She publishes her essays, poems and literary translations in her blog for philosophy and literature. Ani Menuas work includes the languages Russian, English, Armenian, German.

Lost and Found: Vergangene Bilder neu erzählt (with Helena Melikov). Kocmoc – Publishing Space. Berlin, 2019.

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