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Bibiana Candia

Bibiana Candia (A Coruña, Spain 1977) is a writer and a poet. She studied Spanish philology in the University of A Coruña, and worked there as a civil servant until 2011, when she came to Berlin to work exclusively in literature. Twice she participated in the University of A Coruña Literature Contest where she won the second prize in Spanish Poetry two times in a row (2001, 2002) and the first prize in Spanish Narrative (2001). She won the first prize in the XXII Poetry Contest of the Escribir y Publicar magazine (2002) and was a semifinalist in the poetry contest Viento nuevo (2004 Monterrey, Mexico). Her literary works and articles were published in La nueva España, Cuaderno de Legados, Norma Jean Magazine, Imaginaciones Fílmicas and Baires digital among others. Her short stories were published in the anthologies “32 Maneras de escribir un viaje” (Grafein ediciones, Barcelona 2002) and “Oficio de brevezas” (Publicaciones Acumán, Toledo 2005).

La rueda del hámster. Poetry. Ediciones Torremozas, Madrid 2013.

El pie de Kafka. Short stories. Ediciones Torremozas, Madrid 2015.

Las trapecistas no tenemos novio. Poetry. Ediciones Torremozas, Madrid 2016.

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