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Bora Ćosić

Bora Ćosić was born in Zagreb in 1932, and is a Serbian and Croatian novelist and essayist. He resided in Belgrade until the early nineties, when he left the country in protest of the Milošević regime. Ćosić has published more than 30 novels, short story collections and essays. He is one of the few remaining authors who refers to his language as Serbo-Croatian, rejecting any form of national alignment of literature. His best known novel is “Die Rolle meiner Familie in der Weltrevolution” (my family’s role in the world revolution), NIN-Preis 1969, published in German in 1994, which has been adapted for the stage. Even though the novel gained a cult following and was awarded multiple prizes, Ćosić was black-listed, and prohibited from publishing for years to follow, due to the satirical, carnevalesque description of the socialist society. In the sixties he translated and staged the musical “Hair”, which premiered in Belgrade only one year after it did on Broadway. After leaving Belgrade, his primary focus were essays, such as the “Tagebuch eines Heimatlosen” (diary of a migrant), 1993, which is considered one of the most renowned post-war pieces of the region. Without succumbing to nostalgic feelings for Zagreb or Belgrad (that he now calls a private open air museum), Bora Ćosić has spent the last two decades living in Berlin and Rovinj in Istria. Ćosić was awarded the Leipziger Buchpreis zur Europäischen Verständigung, the international Albatros Literature Prize as well as the international Stefan-Heym-Prize in 2011.

Wie unsere Klaviere repariert wurden. Novel. Suhrkamp, Frankfurt am Main 1968.

Die Rolle meiner Familie in der Weltrevolution. Novel. Rowohlt, Berlin 1994.

Bel tempo. Jahrhundertroman. Novel. Rowohlt, Berlin 1998.

Die Reise nach Alaska. Novel. Suhrkamp, Frankfurt am Main 2007.

Frühstück im Majestic. Belgrader Erinnerungen. Novel. Hanser, München 2012.

Die Tutoren. Novel. Schöffling & Co., Frankfurt am Main 2016.

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