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Boris Schapiro

Boris Schapiro, born in Moscow in 1944, is a mathematician, physicist, theologian, German and Russian speaking author and poet. In 1968, Schapiro completed his studies at the physics faculty of the Moscow Lomonossow University, immigrated to Germany in 1975, and has lived in Berlin since 1996. Schapiro’s poetry, is composed based on his theory of musical pre-semiotics, through musical-architectural sensations which are built into finished sound structures, which then clothe themselves with words almost autonomously. He has published 23 books in both German and Russian, as well as several translations into both languages, essays on poetry, short stories and reviews.

Die Deutschen Rubaiyat. Palm Art Press, Berlin 2015.

Aufgezeichnete Transzendenz. Palm Art Press, Berlin 2019.

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