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Christel Gbaguidi

Christel Gbaguidi was born in 1979 in Bohicon, Benin. He is a trained actor and theatre pedagogue. Gbaguidi studied at the Univerité d’abomey- Calavi and École internationale du Théâtre du Bénin. In 2011 he got a scholarship from the Deutsche Akademischer Austauschdienst which brought him to Berlin where he lives now. As part of this scholarship, he studied theatre pedagogy at the Berlin University oft he Arts and completed his studies with a Master’s degree. Before Gbaguidi moved to Berlin, he worked as an actor, theatre teacher and project initiator in Bohicon for seven years. In 2001 Gbaguidi founded the Beninese socio-cultural organisation Arts Vagabonds Rézo Afrika Bénin, which he has leaded since 2006. Through the organization Gbaguidi strives for a higher acceptance of acting as an independent art form in Benin and tries to gain more appreciation for the actors in his country. In 2011 Gdaguidi and other international artists founded the initiative Arts Vagabonds Deutschland. He is also involved in various projects that support teenagers, refugees and migrants.

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