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Cristian Forte

Cristian Forte, born in Buenos Aires in 1977, is focussed on literature and performance. From 1999 to 2006 he was a member of Etcétera, a politically committed, interdisciplinary art collective in Buenos Aires. Since 2009, he has been living in Berlin, a new environment with new artistic inspiration for his work. In 2010, in collaboration with Milena Caserola (BBAA), he founded the independent publishing house Milena Berlin. In 2014, together with Érica Zíngano, he won the first prize for the project KM.0. at the festival SoundOut – New Ways of Presenting Literature. In 2015, he curated the performance cycle RAUMumDICHTUNG (Förderung künstlerischer Projekte 2015 Kulturamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg) and also the performative workshop “Die Stadt als Lochkamera” (the city as a pinhole camera) with Mirella Galbiatti and Ginés Olivares (Forum Stadtpark Graz, Austria). In 2016 he received an artist residency in Beta-Local – a bookbinding project in cooperation with Nicole Delgado, in Puerto Rico, and, in the same year, he was also a guest of the 19th Hausacher LeseLenz Festival (Germany). He published the poetry collections “Abr.” and “Alfabeto Dactilar”. His work has been published in the anthologies “El Tejedor en Berlín” (LUPI, Bilbao, 2015) and “MMM DIARIUM” (Hybriden Verlag, Berlin, 2016).

Abr. Selected Poems. CopyRoboter, Berlin 2010.

Alfabeto Dactilar. Selected Poems. LUPI, Biblao 2014.

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