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Dario Deserri

Dario Deserri was born in 1974 in Ferrara, Italy. Since 2008 he lives in Berlin and works as italian language trainer. He is in the newsroom of the literary Magazine L’Ippogrifo. Over the years he participated in several competitions. In 2011 he won the literary prize Laurentum (Rome) in the category Italians in the world. In 2012 and 2013 he is in the first three finalists of the international section of the Vignola prize (Modena). In 2014 he published his first novel “Come le Nuvole sopra Berlino” (Like Clouds over Berlin) for which he won in 2017 the first prize of “Cosimo I de’ Medici – Concorso Internazionale”.

Come le Nuvole sopra Berlino. Ed. PuntoACapo 2014.

© Mimoza Veliu



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