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Delphine de Stoutz

Delphine de Stoutz, born 1976 on Lake Geneva, has lived as a writer and dramaturge in Berlin and Geneva since 2008. After an MFA in Dramaturgy at the University of Oregon, she returned to Paris, where she completed a Master 2 in Staging at the Université Paris X-Nanterre. After ten years as dramaturge for several projects in the national scene and theatre, she joined the Théâtre de Carouge in Geneva as co-director of the theatre. There, she developed more than twenty projects that raised political, economic and sociological questions. In 2016 she conceived “The Heracles”, based on Euripides, with forty refugees and brought down the curtain on her theatrical ambitions. Thematically, Delphine de Stoutz deals in particular with feminism and post-migrant issues. Her debut novel “Adult(R)” was published in 2018 in French (Les Éditions Lucane). She is the founder of the group D*après**elles, network of French-speaking authors in Berlin.

Adult(R). Lucane Editions, Lons 2018.

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