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Denise Pereira

Denise Pereira started writing poetry when she was ten, having been fascinated by words and their musicality since an early age. In 2011, she began publishing her poems online in a blog called Janela Inquieta. She holds a PhD in History, Philosophy and Heritage of Science and Technology by Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and has been singing in choirs since 2012: Coro da Universidade de Lisboa, Coro Miosótis and Coro do Tejo. She has been participating regularly in Poetry Slam competitions since 2014, and in 2016, created a music-poetic performance called “Marioneta Inquieta” (The restless puppet), which was performed several times in Lisbon and once in Berlin. She moved to Berlin in August 2016 and has since begun developing a musical-poetic project called “rui+Marioneta”. She is currently collaborating as an author in the literary on-line platform “Liberoamérica – Revista Iberoamericana de Literatura, Cultura e Igualdad”, for which she also contributed as an author and editor for an anthology of feminine poetry “Liberoamericanas – 60 poetas contemporâneas”, that will soon be released in Argentina. She was recently invited to be an author for the yet to be released online literary platform “A Bacana” and is currently working on her first poetry book.

Poems “Tundra” and “Ilusão de Óptica” in Liberoamérica – Revista Iberoamericana de Literatura, Cultura e Igualdad. Available in:

Poem “Hotspot” in “Liberoamericanas – 60 poetas contemporâneas”, Argentina, 2018.

Poems “Exame de Rotina” and “Obituário” in Caderno Poético: Portugal Slam!, Vol. 1: Retrospectiva, Lisboa, 2017.

Visões da Psiquiatria, Doença Mental e República no Trabalho do Psiquiatra Luís Cebola (1876-1967): uma abordagem histórica nas encruzilhadas da psiquiatria, ideologia política e ficção, em Portugal, na primeira metade do século XX [Visions of Psychiatry, Mental Illness and the Republic in the Work of the Psychiatrist Luís Cebola (1876-1967): an Historical Approach in the Crossroads of Psychiatry, Ideology, Politics and Fiction, During the First Half of the Twentieth Century]. Doctoral Thesis (2015), available in:

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