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Dmitri Dragilew

Dmitri Dragilew was born in Riga in 1971. He was a member of the section of young authors of the Writers’ association in Latvia and published his first work in 1986; in addition, he worked for the Russian editorial staff of the Latvian State Radio and led Jazz bands. After graduating from the University of Riga, the Franz-Liszt-Musikhochschule in Weimar and the Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena he worked as an editor for the international literary, culturological publication series VIA REGIA in Erfurt as well as the journal Ru.Baschka, a Russian illustrated magazine in Berlin. Later he was a columnist of the Berlin journal 7+7ja and a guest lecturer at the Europe University Viadrina (Frankfurt/Oder). Dragilew conceptualized and moderated the reading series EXiLIBRIS and Radio Akzent, the first FM-Weekly magazine in Russian (Erfurt) in Thüringen, the performance series Art-Salon and the Eddie Rosner jazz festival (Berlin), and he was one of the co-initiators of the Berlin literary group SAPAD NAPERJOD. He regularly performs as an artist, composer and arranger, and is the head of several, diverse musical projects (among others “The Swinging PartYsans“ und “Kapelle Strock“). Apart from his poetry Dragilew has published a collection of essays concerning the history of the Russian tango and a biography of the jazz musician Eddie Rosner. He has been published in literary journals and anthologies in Latvia, Russia, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, USA, Canada and the Ukraine. Dragilew has been a member of the PEN center of writers in exile in German-speaking countries since 2005 and has been chairing the association of Russian speaking authors in Germany since 2015. For his poetry, that recalls the Russian traditions of the meta-realistic school, Dragilew gained the literary award of the Moscow Journal Deti Ra and the special award of the IV. official Russian poetry slam in Berlin (both in 2006).

Zum Tee um fünf. Poetry collection. Winnyzja 2001, 2003 (2 Editions).

Alle Anzeichen der Liebe. Poetry collection. Moscow 2008.

Unbetoner Vokal: ein Art-Book. Poems (together with Sergej Gladkich, in the series BERLIN – OFFENE STADT), Berlin 2009.

Städtische Ligaturen. Poetry collection. Hochroth, Berlin 2016.

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