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Dorota Stroińska

Dorota Stroińska was born in 1965 in Poznań, Polen and has lived in Berlin since 1986. She studied in German and Slavic studies in Poznań, Berlin and New York. Since the nineties she has worked as a freelance translator of belletristic and philosophic works (Lutz Seiler, Christian Kracht, Sibylle Lewitscharoff, Rüdiger Safranski, Ilse Aichinger among others). She has received several translator stipends as the Prize of the Polish Translator association in 1998 for the best translation in 1997 in the field of liberal arts for the book „Nietzsche“ by Karl Jaspers. For her translation of Lutz Seiler’s novel “Kruso” she was nominated for the Central European Literature Prize ANGELUS. She leads the German-Polish translator workshop and is founder of the Berlin workshop “Sztamtysz” for literary translators of both languages. She leads the German-Polish translator workshop “ViceVersa”, is founder and coordinator of the Berlin work shop “Sztamtysz“ for literary translations of both languages. Recently she researched theory and practice of literary translation in the “Karl Dedecius archive” of the Collegium Polonicum and leads translation projects in the S. Fischer Stiftung. As a mediator of Polish literature in Germany and of German literature in Poland she conceptualizes, organizes and hosts events for adults and young readers in cooperation with the Literarischen Colloquium Berlin, the Goethe institute and the Weltlesebühne among others. Dorota Stroińska lives in Berlin.

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