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Ekaterina Vassilieva

Dr. Ekaterina Vassilieva was born in St. Petersburg in 1974 and has lived in Berlin since the end of the nineties. She has written and published prose since she was young. Vassilieva studied French, German and Russian philology at Cologne University and completed her doctorate with a work on post-modern Russian literature. Currently, she teaches at Humboldt University and Potsdam University. Her well-received novel “Камертоны Греля “(en. The Tuning forks of Mister Grell) was nominated for the National Bestseller award in 2012 and was part of the short list for the Russian Award. In addition it was honored with the award by the literary magazine Neva for the best debut novel of the year. Her successive novel “Сон гермафродита” (en. Hermaphroditus’ Sleep) was published in 2015 and also made the long list of the Russian Award. A fragment from this novel was released in the Zurich literary magazine Variationen in a German translation.

Ekaterina Vassilieva – “Der Schlaf des Hermaphroditos” (extract), read by Denis Abrahams

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