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Elsye Suquilanda

Elsye Suquilanda was born in Quito, Ecuador in 1979. She studied film at the Columbia College of Fine Arts of Chicago from1998 to 1999 and was awarded her degree in radio and TV production at the Instituto Cuest TV in Quito in 2003 and later taught there. In that period she produced, directed and acted in several of her own short films and documentaries. One of her most successful works is her surreal poetry collection ‘‘Nalgas“, which has collected international accolades and was adapted into a short film that Suquilanda directed. She participated in several poetry festivals and is involved in multiple poetic and literary projects including Transversalia (2011); It occurs to me that I am America (2015) by Nicole Delgado; Bilbao-Berlin (2014) and the literary journal Humboldt Latinoamérica Berlín. In 2016 she performed at the Ecuadorian Embassy in Berlin with her performance “Die Wandlung des Aschenputtels vom Späti.”  She is a member of the Berlin Kollektiv Dunckerstrasse and Profanofilms in Quito. She is co-founder of the “Chichoismo” (love and respect for all living beings / My teacher is an Andalusian dog named Chicho), a movement that demands and teaches about art, love and respect for all living beings. Elsye Suquilanda has lived in Berlin since 2008.

Israel, sueño, verdad y esperanza. Selected Poems. Self-published, 2001.

Nalgas. Selected Poems. AbyaYala, Quito 2004.

Cortina de circo popular. Selected Poems. Self-published with the support of Profanofilms, m.i.a und JM, 2004.

Julieta la perrita que se cree humana / Der kleine Hund, der glaubte, ein Mensch zu sein. Childrens book Spanish/German. Self-published with the support of Netzwerk Cuba, Berlin 2012.

Te envío mis amígdalas en una paloma mensajera / Ich schicke dir meine Mandeln in einer Brieftaube. Selected Poems. Spanish/German. No-Verlag Milena, Berlin 2014.

Transición de Cenicienta de Späti / Die Wandlung des Aschenputtels vom Späti. CD. Edited and recorded at Kollektiv Dunckerstrasse Studios. 2015–2016.

Vientre de un elefante violeta, Gedichtband, 2019. 

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