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Érica Zíngano

Érica Zíngano (1980) was born in Fortaleza, Brazil, and has lived in Berlin since 2014. She writes mainly poems, but in her poetic work she’s also interested in exploring and confronting other crossroads with literature, like visual arts and performance. In 2013 her book “Ich weiß nicht warum – Zeichnungen und Texte für Unica Zürn”, was translated into German by Odile Kennel and was published by hochroth Berlin. It is said that her poetry style is inspired by dadaistic poetry, language poetry, concrete poetry and art brut. As an original young voice among Brasilian poets, she has attended a couple of festivals including the Poesiefestival Berlin and the Latinale in 2013. She also took part of the anthology “your + 1. some berlin-based international writing”, organized by Ricardo Domeneck. In 2017, she published the collective book “eine Sache für eine andere”. This publication  turns around one single poem, the catty cat poem: “the first official poem in German.” Written initially in a profane German by Érica and then translated into different target languages by non-native speakers translators: Lotti Thießen (de>fr); Nathalie Quintane (fr>pt-pt); Marion Breton (fr>en); Rob Packer (en>pt-br); Odile Kennel (de>it) and Mercedes M. (pt-br>es). Marília Garcia also wrote catty words in the very end when Rámon —the cat— is about to jump out of the pages. The book was published in 2017 by bulky news press. In 2018 she receives one of the Senate’s first grants for non-German writers from Berlin.

Ich weiß nicht warum – Zeichnungen und Texte für Unica Zürn. Selected Poems and Illustrations. hochroth, Berlin 2013.

your + 1. some berlin-based international writing. Anthology. Gully Havoc, Berlin 2015.

eine Sache für eine andere. collective poetry. bulky news press, Berlin 2017.

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