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Ewa Maria Slaska

Ewa Maria Slaska is a Polish author. She majored in Polish studies at the Higher Pedagogical School in Gdańsk and in ethnography and archaeology at the university of Poznań. In 1981, she worked for the Gdańsk newspaper Solidarity. She has lived in Berlin since 1985. In 1986, she created the TV show “Wyspa” (the island) together with Grzegorz Ziętkiewicz. In 1994 she founded the German-Polish literature society, WIR, in Berlin (Association for the promotion of German-Polish literature). Slaska has been awarded the cultural stipend of the Berlin Senate (1994) and the UNESCO stipend for writers and translators (1999). She has has been writing and publishing books for more than 30 years. Her book “Lublinerowie” (The Lubliners) was published in 2017 under the pseudonym Ewa Lubliner.

Azalie. Warsaw 1981.

Portret z ametystem. Gdańsk 1981.

Jak podróżować po Niemczech. Together with Martinem Ryzinskim. Warsaw 1998.

Kartki z podróży do Łeby. Together with Katarzyną Bogucką Krenz. Gdańsk 2001.

Piękne dni w Visby. ed. Prószyński, Warsaw 2006.

Ewa Lubliner: Lublinerowie. wyd. Biblioteka Zielonkowskich Zeszytów Historycznych, Zielonka 2017.

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