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Federico Federici

Federico Federici was born in 1974 in Savona, Italy. He is a physicist and worked in the research field of the physics department at the University of Genova until 2004. In the literary scene he is also known under the pseudonym ‘Antonio Diavoli’. His essays and critiques have appeared in Atelier, Conversation poetry, Private, Kritya, Maintenant, journal of contemporary dada writing and art, Ulisse and Il Foglio Clandestino, among other publications. Apart from Russian and English authors, he has translated the German authors Paul Celan, Heinrich Heine, Joseph von Eichendorff and Hans Arp into Italian. In 2009, he was awarded the Lorenzo Montano Prize for his poetry collection “L’opera racchiusa”. In 2017 he was awarded the Lorenzo Montano prose award in for “Nachtblatt einiger Stunden”.

Sono Pesi queste mie Poesie. Poetry. Via del vento 2008.

Requiem auf einer Stele. Poetry. The Conversation Paperpress 2010.

Appunti dal Passo del Lupo. Prose. Associazione culturale 2013.

Dunkelwort (e altre poesie). Poetry. 2015.

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