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Grizel Delgado

Grizel Delgado (1982, Mexico City) studied Hispanic Literature at the Universidad Autónoma de México. Later she earned a master’s degree in Linguistics in Düsseldorf. She has published stories in Mexican magazines such as La Colmena, Palabrijes, Point in line, Land Inside. Some of her stories are compiled in anthologies by the Editorial Council of Cordoba and Lectio Group. She has won several storytelling competitions in Mexican universities and in Spain. She is the author of the youth novel „Tu abuela en bicicleta” and the children’s story “El misterio de Zacango”, awarded by the 2014 Children’s Literature Contest of the WEU. Grizel Delgado currently lives in Berlin where she works as an editor.

Tu abuela en bicicleta, 2013, Pearson Education.

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