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Jacinta Nandi

Jacinta Nandi was born in East London in 1980 and came to Berlin in 2000. Her first book was published in 2011, her second in 2013 – her third in 2015 and she is currently working on the fourth. She has 2 children and perhaps that is why she has so much hope for the future, despite everything. She is a permanent member of the “Surfpoeten” and the Neukölln reading stage “Rakete 2000”. Nandi writes in German as well as in English, always incorporating words or sentences from the other language.

Deutsch werden – Why German people love playing frisbee with their nana naked. Bühnentexte from an english amok mama in Berlin. periplaneta-Verlag, Berlin 2011.

Fish’n’Chips & Spreewaldgurken. Warum Ossis öfter Sex und Engländer mehr Spaß hatten. (mit Jacob Hein) Kiepenheuer & Witsch, Köln 2013.

nichts gegen blasen. Ullstein Verlag, Berlin 2015.

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