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Jacques Schmitz

Jacques Schmitz is a poet and translator, born on 9 November 1946 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and has lived in Berlin since the beginning of 1992. From 1985 to 2009 he was also a correspondent for Dutch radio and several print media in Eastern Europe and reunified Germany. Schmitz published four volumes of poetry: “Arme einsamen Cowboys”, “Bleistifte die nicht können”, “Kein Metapher”, “Am liebesten ein milchgläsernen Spiegel”. In the end of the 1990s he wrote a feuilleton collection about unified Germany, “Fernes Paradies”. In December 2014 he published “1989-The year before the fall of communism”, true stories from the Eastern bloc, 25 years after the fall of communism (as an Ebook, Berlin-Rotterdam, 2014). In 2016, he published his translation of Volker Braun’s cycle of poems “Wilderness” and a Poesiekapitel “Sonnetwettkettkampf” with his own poems and rewrites from the Saxon School of Poetry.

Arme einsamen Cowboys. Poems. Rotterdam 1971.
Bleistifte die nicht können. Poems, Haarlem 1984.
Kein Metapher. Poems. Rotterdam 1984.
Am liebesten ein milchgläsernen Spiegel. Poems. Nijmegen 1990.
OVER HET ZINGEN. E-Book. 2016.


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