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Kenan Khadaj

Kenan Khadaj, born in Swaida, Syria in 1990, is a journalist and short story writer. He studied economic sciences in Damascus, but was forced to cut his studies short due to the political tensions. With the commencement of the revolution in 2011, he took up employment as a journalist and wrote articles for several Syrian newspapers. In addition, he became actively involved in aid projects for war-damaged children and adults. In 2014, he fled to Lebanon and eventually arrived in Germany, via the route of Turkey and Greece. He has lived in Berlin since May 2015. Several of his articles have been translated into German and published in the taz, which he regularly contributes to. Kenan Khadaj is also active in the project Versschmuggel which is organized by the Literaturwerkstatt Berlin. His first short story collection “Es lebe der Krieg“ (long live the war) is still unpublished. At the moment, he is finishing his second collection of stories and has begun working on his first novel.

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