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Lea Schneider

Lea Schneider, born 1989 in Cologne, is a as a poet, essayist and translator, who resides in Berlin, having previously lived in China and Taiwan in Berlin. Her poetry collection “Invasion rückwärts” was published by Verlagshaus Berlin in 2014, followed in 2016 by the e-book “O0” (in cooperation with Tillmann Severin and Sebastian Severin), which veers between poetry, prose and the visual arts. Lea Schneider has worked as a translator and curator of contemporary Chinese poetry for the poesiefestival berlin, the Goethe-Institut China and the Kulturstiftung des Bundes. Her most recent translations are “Yan Jun: internationaler tag der reparatur” (hochroth berlin, 2016), the anthology “CHINABOX. Neue Lyrik aus der Volksrepublik” (Verlagshaus Berlin, 2016) and “Zang Di: Gesellschaft für Flugversuche” (Hanser 2019). Since 2009, Lea Schneider has worked with the poetry collective G13 on poetry performances and forms of collective writing. She has been awarded the Dresden Poetry Prize, the Post.Poetry Prize NRW and the Poetry East West Translation Award.

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