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Martha Gantier Balderrama

Martha Gantier Balderrama, born in a small village in the province of La Paz/Bolivia. She spent her childhood between gold miners and boleros on the subtropical slope of the Andes. She began writing poems while still at school in La Paz. After her school education she first studied chemistry and geology, but even then her main occupation was literature. From 1976 on, she published poems and plays. In 1979, she received the First Prize for Poetry: Franz Tamayo for “Sobre Ritos Imposibles y Distancias”. The following year she received the prize for the second time, together with the Bolivian writer Coco Manto, for her book “La Noche y su Retorno”. Further prizes, including an International Women’s Day prize awarded by the President’s Office of Bolivia, followed. From 1985-1987 Martha Gantier lived in Berlin and between 1987 and 1992 in Medellín, Colombia. She returned to Berlin in 2016 and has lived here since.

La Misma Sangre. Poetry volume, together with the Colombian writer Anabel Saavedra, CLAL Verlag, West Berlin 1985.

Encuentro. volume of poems, together with the Bolivian poet Norah Zapata P. CLAL Verlag, West Berlin 1987.

Poemas. Book of poems. Empresa Editora Urquizo, La Paz, Bolivia 1988.

Alba retorna con la Niebla. Book of poems. Editorial El Propio Bolsillo, Medellín, Colombia 1990.

De La Piel del Tiempo, From the pores of time. Book of poems. Editorial La Cueva, Berlin, 1997.

De Algún Lugar, De Algún Cielo. Book of poems. Editorial Correveidile, La Paz, Bolivia 2000.

Remigia la Muñeca de Trapo. Children’s book. Editorial Correveidile, La Paz, Bolivia 2002.

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