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Mati Shemoelof

Mati Shemoelof is an arabian-jewish poet, author, editor, journalist and activist living in Berlin. His varous writings include six poetry collections, theater plays, articles and a collection of short stories. He is founder of the group “Poetic Hafla”, that has created literary, music & art performance events featuring a diverse collection of artists from all over the world. Currently he is working on a new literary project called “Anu אנו نحن: Jews and Arabs writing in Berlin”. His first book of articles “An eruption from the east: Re visiting the emergence of the Mizrahi artistic explosion and it’s imprint on the Israeli cultural narrative 2006-2019“ will be published by “Iton 77” publishers in Israel (2020). In 2019 AphorismA Verlag published a german-hebrew compilation of his poems under the name of “Bagdad.Haifa.Berlin”.

Bagdad – Haifa – Berlin, 2019, AphorismA Verlag, Berlin.

…reißt die Mauern ein zwischen ‘uns’ und ‘ihnen’, 2018, AphorismA Verlag, Berlin.

Hebrew from its inner insiders, 2017, Pardes, Haifa.

Remnants of the Cursed Book, 2014, Kinneret Zmora publishers , Dvir.

Last Tango in Berlin, 2014, Booxilla, Berlin.

Appetite for Hunger, 2013, Nahar-Sfarim, Tel-Aviv.

Märchenland, 2010, Verlagshaus J. Frank, Berlin.

Why I Do Not Write Israeli Love Songs, 2010, Nahar-Sfarim, Tel-Aviv.

Poetry Between Hazaz and Shemoelof, 2006 Yaron Golan, Tel-Aviv.

Scar Minimizer, 2001, Gwanim Publishers, Tel-Aviv.

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