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Nikola Richter

Nikola Richter is a publisher (mikrotext), editor and author. She studied German and English language and literature, as well as comparative literature in Tübingen, Norwich and Berlin. From 2001 to 2003 she led, one of the first online literature journals. Her interest is focussed upon current issues and commitment, on the dynamic interrelation of web, world and culture. In 2014, her work in digital publishing was recognized by the German Publishers and Booksellers Association and she was awarded the Young Excellence Award. Nikola Richter is the project manager of the first E-Book fair in Germany, the Electric Book Fair.

roaming. Buch. Lyrikedition 2000, München 2004.

Die Lebenspraktikanten. Buch/E-Book. S. Fischer, Frankfurt a.M. 2006.

die do-re-mi-maschine. Buch. Lyrikedition 2000, München 2009.

Schluss machen auf einer Insel. Buch/E-Book. Hg. mit Rery Maldonado. eBook Berlin Verlag, Berlin 2010.

Los Superdemokraticos Berlin. Buch/E-Book. Verbrecher Verlag, Berlin 2011.

poesía del parque. poemas en espanol falso. Buch. Milena Berlin, Berlin 2012.

Straight to your heart. Verbotene Liebe 1995-2015. E-Book. Hg. mit Stefan Mesch. mikrotext, Berlin 2015.

Willkommen! Blogger schreiben für Flüchtlinge. E-Book. Hg. mit Katharina Gerhardt, Caterina Kirsten, Ariane Novel, Frank O. Rudkoffsky, Eva Siegmund. mikrotext, Berlin 2015.


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