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Panagiotis Arvanitis

Panagiotis Arvanitis was born in 1985 in Pyrgos in the Peloponnese in Greece. He studied Greek philology and Political Science at the National Kapodistrias University of Athens. Since 2013 he has been living in Berlin and is currently a PhD student in Neogräzistik at the Free University of Berlin.

Μια στάλα κατράμι σ’ ένα βαρέλι μέλι (A drop of tar in a barrel of honey), 2009, Gavriilidis Verlag, Athen.

Λευκό χιούμορ (White Humour), 2012, Gavriilidis Verlag, Athen.

Ο τυφλός επισκέπτης (The blind guest), 2016, Gavriilidis Verlag, Athen.

και Παράθυρο στο Βερολίνο (Window in Berlin), 2019, Gavriilidis Verlag, Athen.

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