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Patricia Cerda

Patricia Cerda, born 1961 in Concepción, Chile, has lived in Germany since 1986; in 1994 she earned her doctorare at the FU Berlin in the subject of history with her dissertation: „Fronteras del Sur: La región del Bío-Bío y la Araucanía 1604-1881“. She has published essays and articles on history, literature and philosophy in German and Chilean scientific journals as well as on her blog. In 2013 her short story collection „Entre mundos“, was published, followed by her 2016 historical novel „Mestiza“, which takes place in the 17th century and examines the beginnings of Chilean culture, her other 2016 novel „Rugendas“, which chronicles the Romantic German painters stay in Chile. Both novels were Chilean bestsellers. In April of 2018 her novel “Violeta & Nicanor” was published, which chronicles the life of the brothers Violeta and Nicanor Parra, two Legends of Latin-American culture.

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