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Philipp Khabo Koepsell

Philipp Khabo Koepsell was born in Marburg in 1980, studied African Studies and English at Humboldt University and now lives in Berlin as a performer, dramaturg and editor. Koepsell works with various forms of artistic expression, including poetry, drama, performance and multimedia installations, and attempts to combine artistic with academic content. The main themes of his artistic work are Afrofuturism, identity and dealing with racism and experiences of racism in Germany. In 2011 he toured South Africa with his texts. In 2012 and 2014 he took part in the Festival of African and African Diasporic Literature of the Bayreuth Graduate School of Africa Studies. Khabo Koepsell works as a dramaturge for the Berlin theatre Ballhaus Naunynstraße, among others. He published his first book “Die Akte James Knopf” in 2010, followed in 2015 by The Afropean Contemporary: Literatur- und Gesellschaftsmagazin, a literary magazine in the form of an anthology. In the same year, he curated the network meeting Erste Indaba Schwarzer Kulturschaffender and, together with the scientist Susan Arndt and the artist Paul D. Miller, took part in the exhibition Future Africa Vision in Time with the installation Beyond Wagner’s Future. Khabo Koepsell is also part of the band Dead Horse Running.

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