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Rajvinder Singh

Rajvinder Singh was born in Kapurthala, India, in 1956 and studied literature and linguistics in Punjab. In order to finance his studies, he translated Russian texts from English into Punjabi. He was a leading figure in the student uprisings and was speaking out for the underprivileged. During The Emergency in India he was taken into custody for a short period of time in 1976. After staying in France and the Netherlands, Rajvinder Singh has been living in Berlin since 1981. He took language courses at the Goethe Institut Berlin and studied English and linguistics with particular emphasis on literary semiotics. From 1989 to 1991, he worked on his dissertation about literary semiotics. In 1997 he received German citizenship. Since 1984, he has also been writing in German, his “stepmother-tongue”. He gained numerous scholarships, like the work stipend of the Berlin Senate for Cultural Affairs in 1988, Culture Fonds Berlin in 1998, or Writer-in-Residence in Trier in 2007. Since 1993, Singh has been involved in the initiative Courage gegen Fremdenhass (speaking out against xenophobia) as well as in the Writers-in-Prison-Committee. Rajvinder Singh is an independent author and also works as a voice actor. Among many other roles (like in Spider Man 2, Matrix Reloaded, or Crossing Over) he is wellknown to a wide audience as the dubbing voice of Rajesh Koothrappali in Big Bang Theory. Rajvinder Singh is married to the Indian painter Jyotika Sehgal.

Wort und Körper: Remscheider Gedichte. Poems. Lotos, Berlin 2005.

Wörterwehen. Selected Poems. Aphaia, Berlin 2010.

© Graham Hains


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