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Rebaone Mangope

Rebaone was proudly born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her formative years were spent in both Johannesburg and New Delhi, India. In Delhi, she formed bonds with people from all over the world and engaged in authentic experiences of story-telling and story-sharing. Throughout this time, poetry and the spoken word helped her realize how abnormal her thoughts of race were. As she continued to share, Reba soon discovered that her national, and continental, context would continue to unveil freedoms and injustices implicit in her desire to discuss the Black, sub-Saharan African, female self in contemporary society. Reba returned to Johannesburg and worked for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and was one of eight fundraisers for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, only the fifth dedicated pediatric hospital in Africa due to open in December 2016. Born in 1988 and a part of the ‘born free’ post-apartheid generation, Reba’s pieces are informed by the power of song, word and untold stories, marking the daily neurosis of ‘being an African’ abroad. A South African woman trying to make sense of her identity in a Eurocentric world. She believes that Africa’s greatest currency is its culture and assumes the responsibility of sharing it within foreign contexts. Encouraging her Berlin audiences to uncover the relationship(s) between socioeconomic equality, colonialism, xenophobia and the relevance of redefining ‘Africanness’, Reba’s work bears the responsibility of telling ‘new stories’ and giving an African voice to the, as of yet, undefined voiceless masses. Mayibuye iAfrika!

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