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Ricardo Domeneck

Ricardo Domeneck was born in Bebedouro, in the Brazilian state of S. Paulo, in 1977. He has published the poetry collections “Carta aos anfíbios”, “a cadela sem Logos”, “Sons: Arranjo: Garganta”, “Cigarros na cama” and “Ciclo do amante substituível” and is co-publisher of the journals Modo de Usar & Co. and Hilda. He has collaborated with the Brazilian literary journals Cacto (São Paulo), Inimigo Rumor (Rio de Janeiro), Entretanto (Recife), as well as international ones like Quimera (Spain), Green Integer Review (USA) and Belletristik (Germany). His poetry is available in German, English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Dutch, Slovenian, Swedish, and Arabic. He has performed and read in Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona, Ljubljana and Dubai, among other places. Domeneck’s work concerns itself with the border between textuality and orality as well as video art, which was visible in his performances/exhibitions in the Museu de Arte Moderno in Rio de Janeiro, the Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid, the Museo Experimental El Eco in Mexico City and in the Academy of the Arts in Berlin. He translated work from Hans Arp, Friederike Mayröcker, Frank O’Hara, Jack Spicer, Harryette Mullen, Rosemarie Waldrop, and Ezequiel Zaidenweg into Portuguese. Since 2002, he has worked and resided in Berlin. In 2013, a poetry collection of his work entitled “Körper: ein Handbuch”, was released in German and translated by Odile Kennel. His latest poetry book, “Ciclo del amante substituible”, was published in 2014 in Barcelona in the Spanish translation of Aníbal Cristobo. Currently a selection of his work is being translated into Dutch by Bart Vonck. In addition, Ricardo Domeneck composes critical literary essays and he is represented in numerous journals.

Poetry Collections:

Carta aos anfíbios. Rio de Janeiro: Bem-Te-Vi, 2005.

a cadela sem Logos. SP/RJ: Cosac Naify/7 Letras, 2007.

Sons: Arranjo: Garganta. SP/RJ: Cosac Naify/7Letras, 2009.

Cigarros na cama. Rio de Janeiro: Berinjela, 2011.

Ciclo do amante substituível. Rio de Janeiro: 7Letras, 2012.

Medir com as próprias mãos a febre. Rio de Janeiro: 7Letras, 2015.

Medir com as próprias mãos a febre. Lisboa: Mariposa azual, 2015.

Poems in translation:


Körper : ein Handbuch. Translated by Odile Kennel. Berlin: Verlagshaus J. Frank, 2013.


Ciclo del amante sustituible. Translated by Aníbal Cristobo. Barcelona: Kriller71 Ediciones, 2014.


Het verzamelde lichaam. Translated by Bart Vonck. Amsterdam: Perdu, 2015.

Publishing Body:

Modo de Usar & Co. 1. Rio de Janeiro: Berinjela, 2007.

Modo de Usar & Co. 2. Rio de Janeiro: Berinjela, 2009.

Modo de Usar & Co. 3. Rio de Janeiro: Berinjela, 2011.

Modo de Usar & Co. 4. Rio de Janeiro: Berinjela, 2013.

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