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Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt aka MoreBlackThenGod, Berlin based American performance artist, musician, free improvisor and composer of experimental music, and independent video content producer. He is also the musical theatre writer/composer of experimental “Drone Drama (Music For The Dead)”, now currently being filmed by California-based visual artist Cecelia Chapman. Artistic director of the music labels Hortus Conclusus Records & Friends of Sagittarius Records and Friends of Sagittarius Festival, artistic director and curator of Magic Mitte Cinema. The compositions by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt are performed and recorded live using the accidental guitar method invented by the artist, the sounds created are “raw, roots, mysterious, power, grit, obscure, industrial, ambient, epic, and tranquilizing aesthetics”. He has published over 500 album, collaboration, and compilation releases. Performs and releases under the names: MoreBlackThenGod, Drone Messiah, The S&M Trio, The S&M Accidental Orchestra, The Return of The Think Thing, Tradishion, Hildeguard, Hortus Conclusus Live, PNYX and MC Plane of Existence.

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