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Widad Nabi

Widad Nabi, born 1985 in Kobani/Syria, lives in Berlin. The Kurdish-Syrian poet and author completed her bachelor in economic sciences at the University of Aleppo. Nabi has written for several Arabic journals and newspapers. Her work has been published in English, in publications such as Tulips Magazine in Washington, and in French, for instance in the anthology “L’amour au temps de l’insurrection et de la guerre” (published by Maram Al-Masri at Le Temps des Cerises). In 2013, her book “Zeit fūr Liebe, Zeit fūr Krieg” (en. Time for Love, Time for War) was published in Aleppo. In 2016, it was succeeded by “Syrien und die Sinnlosigkeit des Todes” (en. Syria and the meaninglessness of Death), published  in Beirut. Her initial texts in Germany were published in the anthology “Weg sein – hier sein” (en. To be gone – To be here) by Secession and in the anthology “Die Flügel meines schweren Herzens” published by Khalid Al-Maaly at Manesse. In 2017 Widad Nabi took part in the Poesiefestival in Berlin. She works with the project Weiter Schreiben – ein literarisches Portal für Autor*innen aus Krisengebieten. In 2018 she received the first Weiter Schreiben Scholarship Wiesbaden. In 2019, a volume of her poetry will be published in German by Sujet Verlag.

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