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Wilfried N’Sondé

Wilfried N’Sondé was born in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo in 1968. At the age of five he moved to the outskirts of Paris with his family. Influenced by his experiences in the Banlieus, N’Sondé began writing poems and short prose pieces. He studied political science at the Sorbonne until 1991. He has been living in Berlin for over 20 years, where he is working as a Trash-Rock and Afro-Punk musician, author and composer but also as a street worker with disadvantaged young people. His first novel “Le Cœur des enfants léopards” (en.: “The leopard-children’s heart”) was published in 2007. For this work N’Sondé received the Prix Senghor de la Création Littéraire and the Prix des Cinq Continents. The book tells the story of a young African immigrant in Paris who finds himself in a prison cell, accused of a criminal act he cannot recall. Alone in his cell, the protagonist’s crisis of identity is depicted in an inner dialogue between himself and voices of his ancestors. Written in an intense, poetical language, N’Sondé addresses the painful clash and merging of cultures, when he melts autobiography and fiction to show the collision of old and new feelings of belonging. N’Sondé is furthermore known for his novels “Le Silence des esprits” and “Fleur de béton”, which were published in France. His latest novel “Berlinoise”, printed in France, in 2015, portrays the political and sentimental education of a young French man who moves to Berlin shortly after the fall of the wall. After he passionately falls in love, he decides to stay in this city where everything seems to be possible.

Le Cœur des enfants léopards. Roman. Éditions Actes Sud, Arles 2007.

Le Silence des esprits. Roman. Éditions Actes Sud, coll. «Lettres africaines», Arles 2010.

Fleur de béton. Roman. Éditions Actes Sud, Arles 2012.

Berlinoise. Roman. Éditions Actes Sud, Arles 2015.

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