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William Cody Maher

William Cody Maher, is a writer and performance artist. He was born in San Francisco in 1950. Between 1987 and 1998 he lived and performed in Berlin with various performers including poet Dimitri Prigov and musician Natalia Pschenitschnikowa and received two scholarships from the Berlin Senate. From 2001 to 2008 he collaborated with dancer Tony Rizzi as performer and writer in “Judy Was Angry” and “Being Human Being”. In 2006 he met Carl Weissner who translated his poems and they performed their works together. In 2010 he traveled to America with the photographer Signe Mähler, and they shot the documentary “Down Southern Roads”, a road movie through America’s troubled South. His collaboration with the musician Jochen Seiterle resulted in the CD “Blind Date with Love” (Fixcel Records 2016). Today William Cody Maher lives permanently in Berlin.

To Quiet a Foreign Pain, with Susan Schwartzenberg. Visual Studies Workshop, N.Y.C.

The Suitcase. Audio CD. Spoken Word/Music Source Records, Frank Pyne 2000.

Geisterstadt. Translated by Carl Weissner and Walter Hartmann. Peter Engstler Verlag 2006.

SpielSachen. Translated by Carl Weissner and Walter Hartmann. Peter Engstler Verlag 2009.

Down Southern Roads. Texts and Letters. With Carl Weissner and Signe Maehler. Peter Engstler Verlag 2011.

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