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Yi Meng Wu

The artist and designer Yi Meng Wu 吳禕萌, born in Shanghai, moved to the Ruhr area at the age of nine, feels most comfortable between Chinese and European cultures. She studied at the Folkwang School of Arts (Essen), at the ENSAD (Paris) and at the University of Arts in Berlin. The Berlin-based artist is founder of the design studio “Studio Wu 無” with a focus on “intercultural design”. The name is reminiscent of a family line that yielded Daoistic masters: the “emptiness” (chines. 無) as possible space for inspiration and creative ideas. Her spectrum ranges from illustrated stories, typeface design and book art to creative workshops. Yi Meng Wu’s favorite medium for expressing artistic exploration on the theme of “cultural identity” is the book. Her works have been exhibited and distinguished multiple times: with German Design Award, the Joseph Binder Award, the Schönste Bücher Deutschlands and the Golden Pin Award Taiwan, among others. Recently, her illustrated novel “Yaotaos Zeichen“ – a journey back in time about a Franco-Chinese family in the 30’s during World War II has been published at kunstanstifter Verlag.

Dinge-Geschichten. Drachenhaus Verlag, Esslingen 2013.

Paris toujours. kunstanstifter Verlag, Mannheim 2014.

Yaotaos Zeichen. Kunstanstifter Verlag, Mannheim 2017.

From Goa with Love. Studio Wu, Berlin 2018.

Mystical Plants. Studio Wu, Berlin 2018.

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