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Zehava Khalfa

Zehava Khalfa, mother of two children, was born in Alma in northern Israel. She studied genetics and Middle Eastern politics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and graduated with an M.A. and an M.Sc. She submitted her doctoral thesis on Israeli settlement policy during the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip to the University of Potsdam in 2019. Her texts have been published in Haaretz, in the magazines Yalta, Bitaon Shira, Mikan Ve’eylakh, Po’em, Kefel, Motiv, Salonet, Yekum Tarbut and on the website of the Hebrew Library Berlin. Her poems appear in the German-Hebrew anthology: “Was es bedeuten soll: Neue hebräische Dichtung in Deutschland”, edited by Gundula Schiffer and Adrian Kasnitz, Parasitenpresse (2019) and in the anthology “Zwischen den Zeilen”, edited by Michal Zamir and Yael Almog, Passagen (2019). Her first volume of poetry will be published in 2020 by Iton 77, Tel Aviv. She is currently writing her first novel.

Was es bedeuten soll. Neue hebräische Dichtung in Deutschland, 2019, Parasitenpresse, Köln.

Zwischen den Zeilen, 2019, Passagen Verlag, Wien.  

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