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Operation Tetra-Pack Werkstatt PORTUGUESE

a Livraria / Mondolibro (Torstraße 159, 10115 Berlin)

The cosmopolitan city of Berlin – a home of authors writing in all world languages. Many have made German their bridge language, others even use it deliberately as their new means of expression, without, however, abstaining completely from their mother tongue. Where can these authors be found?
Operation Tetra-Pack takes a closer look at four of these authors: María Cecilia Barbetta, Dmitri Dragilew, Ricardo Domeneck and Kenan Khadaj. The strategy: In four citywide workshops the authors help translate texts from their original version in Spanish, Russian, Portugiuese or Arabic into German, in order to be accessible to a wider audience. The translators Rike Bolte, Hendrik Jackson, Christiane Quandt and Leila Chammaa work together with the workshop participants who also consult the authors before presenting their result in German. The fruit of this work will appear, alongside the original texts, in an anthology – another illustration of Berlin’s multi-lingual dynamics. The crowning conclusion of this workshop will be an open reading celebrating this multifaceted, polyphonic Tetra-Pack publication!

Portuguese Translation Workshop

Led by: Ricardo Domeneck and Christiane Quandt

On October 28, Berlin-based translators will meet the workshop participants at the Brazilian book shop A Livraria and translate poems from Brazilian Portuguese. (Simultaneously, the other three Tetra-Pack workshops -Arabic, Russian, Spanish translations into German- are taking place elsewhere). Our team of German and (Brazilian) Portuguese mother tongue translators will take up the challenge of transferring poems by the Berlin poet Ricardo Domeneck into German and discussing them, until a print-ready translation can ultimately be produced. Some of the chosen poems have appeared in the collection “Medir com as próprias mãos a febre“ (Lissabon, 2015), others are yet to be published. Succeeding the workshop, a publication will be compiled that reflects on our joint experiences and presents the results of the four workshops. In December our cooperative project will be presented and discussed in a public reading.

Register until 10. October:

One City,
four world languages,
four authors,
four workshops

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