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The Brotfabrik is a cultural and artistic centre based in Berlin, Weißensee. It hosts a gallery with young Eastern European photographic art, a cinema and a pub. It is an off-theatre for guest appearances and co-productions by the Freie Szene Berlin, national and international groups, young artists, as well as children’s theatre and literary projects. In 1890, the bakery “Brotfabrik Michael Kohler. Erste Zerpenschleuser Landbrotbäckerei” was opened. During the time of the GDR, the Brotfabrik was closed and the building was used as a shop and a warehouse. In 1990, the cultural centre Brotfabrik was founded and run by the “Glashaus. Verein der Nutzer der Brotfabrik e. V.”. The roughly 300 yearly performances have won several awards. Apart from acting, Brotfabrik is equally committed to performance, dance and music theatre, as well as improvisation and puppet and object theatre.

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