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Berlin Polylingual

stadtsprachen magazin (2018)


As part of the PARATAXE – the international literary scenes of Berlin project, the symposium “Berlin POLYLINGUAL – the translingual & intercultural authors of Berlin” took place on 23 November 2018. The Literary Colloquium Berlin, Literaturport, the Berliner Literarische Aktion and numerous guest authors, scientists and literary activists present the history and present of Berlin’s multilingual and intercultural literatures.

Russisch, Kiezdeutsch, Denglisch: Welche Sprache spricht die Hauptstadt?
(Berliner Zeitung, 20.11.2018)

Friday, 23 November 2018, from 10:00 a.m. in the Literary Colloquium Berlin.


10.30: Start with Jürgen Jakob Becker and Martin Jankowski.

11.00 – 13.00: Panel 1
The Voices of Berlin – Stories of Babylonian Wealth
Keynote Dr. Elina Mikkilä ((German/English)). Panel: Alistair Noon, Meike Feßmann, Alexandru Bulucz; Moderated by Kristof Magnusson. Featured poet: Yevheniia Bahmutska.


Lunch break with snack bar and book table.

14.30 – 16.00: Panel 2
False friends – literary broadening of horizons
Keynote Uljana Wolf (German/English). Panel: Jo Frank, Cia Rinne, Eugene Ostashevsky; moderated by Jake Schneider. Featured poet: Adelaide Ivánova.


Coffee break and book table.

16.30 – 18.00: Panel 3
Berliner Futur – entropic literatures?
Keynote Prof. Anne Fleig (German/English). Panel: Andrea Scrima, Eugen Ruge, Mitja Vachedin; moderated by Martin Jankowski. Featured poet: Amora Bosco.


Evening break with snack bar and book table.

20.00: Meine schönste Lengevitch – multilingual reading with Tomer Gardi, Sharon Otoo and Jane Flow. Presenter: Jayrôme C. Robinet


Program in German language with English parts.

Please register at:
No participation fee, breaks with snack service subject to a fee.
Admission to the evening reading: 8/5 €.

Book table by InterKontinental.

Mauritius Streetfood by Veronique and Stephan Vercher.


We  thank all interested parties, partners, supporters and sympathizers for their dedicated cooperation in the preparation of this unique symposium!
PARATAXE is a project of Berliner Literarische Aktion e.V. and is supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe. The Parataxe Symposia take place in cooperation with the LCB and Literaturport.
Press contact: Birger Hoyer
PARATAXE – Berlin’s international literary scenes
stadtsprachen – Magazine of Berlin’s International Literatures
c/o Berlin Literarische Aktion e.V.
Kastanienallee 2
D – 10435 Berlin
Phone: +49(0)30/53155963


Medienpartner: AfrolivresquealbaBerlin.BeregaSAND.

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