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chunking express

Synke Köhler (2020)

chunking express

outdoors the poplar snow season had begun
and we’d established a long discourse
about socks and expired pineapple cans
behind us forever the same
drumming: nine-year symphony of rain
in analogue and digital kippenberger tries
richter scales edward hopper skies
and traffic noise
when glancing nightly in windows
you might conclude
the color orange remains unfinished


about the imperative of the flight path changing

yesterday a friend sent me
this note: on wednesday
a crow was electrocuted
on a high-tension line
near Zossen
the burning bird fell
out of the sky then and
ignited a pasture
it needed twenty-five
firemen and one more
to quell the blaze
now I know why you say
don’t fly that
close to
the lines


glasses found in the woods

glasses found in the woods
because I know who lost them
i don’t need to bother
i don’t pin a note on the wall
just once i ask
have you found your glasses
a no is not a good beginning
so i ask again
where are your glasses
however you had already
departed by then
your glasses are in the woods

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