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The Dark (Loutrophoros), Wonder Detector

Tzveta Sofroniewa (2020)

The Dark (Loutrophoros)

1 : rim – 2 : neck – 3 : handle – 4 : shoulder – 5 : belly or body – 6 : foot

The dark in the pupils
is the same as the dark
between the stars. It
soaks everything up,
can accept everything,
is the deepest
a prerequisite
for the genesis
of life. deep,
narrow passages,
tight, cloudy,
murky, we belong somewhere
else, we belong to
a later era. Always liquid
water, water that is not yet
clouds, ice or steam,
water as we like to
drink, as living
water, just like
that. we need this
In the space of the dark
many questions remain:
where did the cloud go? How
did we get out of the cloud?
At first drop like a stone, then
as water. oh, how many
more skills should a woman have?



Wonder Detector

Detector of dark matter. Homo ludens loves
toys, plasma balls, flashes of light, embracing,
gravity turns galaxies into universes,
so teamwork plays a role after all.

We constantly prefer to play against each other.
Soon we will face a switch in the game
but exactly when is ninety-five percent secret.
So secrets frame our world after all.

It’s all drifting apart, curiosity and dark ambition
are driving it, still everything stays connected,
embedded in the dark substance of our wishes,
documented by the aesthetics sensor.

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